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Cambermeister™ Strut Brace

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The design people at Weltmeister built a testing device to record shock tower movement under load. Their tests revealed a surprise, shock towers do not collapse inward! Rather, they spread apart under hard cornering. The cornering force from the tire’s contact with the road, up through the strut, acts like a lever pulling the top of the struts apart. Only 15% of the camber change could be attributed to shock tower movement. The other 85% took place in the rubber mounts on the top of the shock absorber! The Cambermeister design does it all—prevents shock tower separation or compression, as well as preventing 90% of the movement in the shock mounts. Tests prove that Cambermeister limits shock tower movement to only .002 - .003 of an inch! Cambermeister bolts in and removes easily; there are no holes to drill, and it’s fully adjustable with top grade, teflon-lined (quiet) rod ends.
Fits Model(s): 911®,912,930

911® Cambermeister
Application Part Sold
Fits 1969-1989 911,912,930; not for 1989 Carrera 4 900258 EACH

Except as indicated, these products are not approved by Porsche® AG: Use of unapproved parts may alter factory warranty, emissions, aerodynamics, or fuel consumption.

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