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Transmission Intermediate Plate

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Replace the weak, vulnerable transmission intermediate plate on your 914, 911® or 912 to extend the life of your transmission. Your stock magnesium intermediate plate wears out and will often crack after years of use. It‘s also one of the first and most expensive parts to fail when you increase the power of your engine. Precision machined from extra strength 6061-T6 aluminum, our bullet-proof plate is the solution for tired transmissions and has passed road and track tests in 911®s and 914s powered by over 300 horsepower engines. Bullet-proof intermediate plates fit all 914, and 911®, 912 late 1968-71 with magnesium transmission case only. For stock or hopped-up engines, V-6 or V-8 engine conversions, our bullet-proof intermediate transmission plate provides the many thousands of care-free miles you expect from a newly rebuilt transmission.
Fits Model(s): 911®,912,914 all

Application Part Sold
Intermediate Plate 911®, 912 late 1968-71 w/ magnesium transmission case; 914 all 910011 EACH

Except as indicated, these products are not approved by Porsche® AG: Use of unapproved parts may alter factory warranty, emissions, aerodynamics, or fuel consumption.

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